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Monday, May 27, 2013

The mission is AMAZING!


Man I love you all. The mission is AMAZING! I learn so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ every single day!

We found a family last week that we are hoping to teach later this week! Oh my word I LOVE THEM!!! It  is incredible to see how our Heavenly Father allows His missionaries to feel just a snipit of His love for His children! I love everyone I meet. I'm not even kidding.

Tell Maxwell to keep up the prayers! We had a miracle in finding a new investigator this week!!! We were looking for a less active couple in our ward and got lost. Nothing new since every address we have is jacked up. So while we were driving up and down this street trying to look for the family, we saw a woman outside working on her yard. She was so friendly and came right up and started talking to us! We asked her about her religious background and she told us that she was Catholic (no surprise there, everyone here is Catholic.) and that her husband had passed away about a year ago. We asked her if she'd ever heard of the Book of Mormon and she said NO! THEN we asked her if she would want to learn more about our church and she said YES! So we got her name, address and phone number and set up a return appointment! She is so ready to hear the gospel! Miracles happen everyday when you are obedient! :D I'm so excited to start teaching her!

Things I forgot to tell you about last week...

  • My mission is fantastic. They don't call us greenies...they call us goldens. It's a much nicer term of endearment.
  • So here's the deal. The government came in and changed all of the addresses in Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg, so the addresses that we have for people, are not actually their street/mailing addresses.

However, we have to enter the old addresses into the GPS to get anywhere. So once we get to the street we are supposed to be on, we then have to house hop to find who we are looking for because none of the house numbers are the same. Let's just say...somehow Sister Earl and I ended up at a Vet. Bar last week....yes, we actually walked inside. I'm not quite sure how it all happened. Especially seeing as how there were Members only" and "Violators will be prosecuted" signs...thankfully, we made it out alive, and in-tact!!! :D

Suffice it to say that out west (Utah, Idaho, and yes- even Vegas etc...) the horn is an unused feature in a vehicle. Back east...it is the most commonly used feature in a vehicle. Everyone honks. All the time. For any reason at all. I don't get it. -There is a Dunkin' Donuts on every street corner here. No joke.

THEY OPENED TWO AREAS IN PHILLY TO SISTERS!!! Pray that in a year or so (after I've toughened up) that they'll send me to Philly!!!!!!!!!!!  :D :D :D

Our apartment smells like smoke. It isn't so horrible that it gives us headaches or anything, but the down side is that we don't smell it on ourselves. So when we go to peoples homes, or church...or anywhere that isn't our apartment...we reek, and we don't even know it. *thumbs up*

Also, I'm sorry I forgot to send pictures from my last week at the MTC last p-day, so you get them today (:

You get a Facebook after you've been here for 3 months. So I was helping Sister Earl set her FB up. She's admitted that she isn't very tech savvy. I told her she has the right companion for that problem. Haha I helped her set up her FB in a jiffy!

My goal this week was to try and be selfless. A lofty goal for anyone, I'm sure. But I truly felt that if I could focus on others, my needs and worries would be met. I was right. First, I'd like to a quote and some thoughts with you that I discovered while reading some conference talks this week.

"Sanctification comes not with any particular calling, but with genuine acts of service, often for which there is no specific calling"

When we are lifting the burdens of others, we are lightening the Savior's load. I know this is true. When we help take away the pain and suffering of others, we remove it from The Savior's load. Does that make sense?? I promise you that if you are trying to help others, you WILL forget about yourself, and the next thing you know...your needs will be met. Don't get me wrong, selflessness is a muscle that we must exercise and strengthen. But I know that if we do that, we will see miracles in our own lives. I know that each and every one of you can  be an answer to someone's prayers. Constantly strive to lift the  burdens of others. It doesn't have to be a huge thing! Just help them with something! Ask if they need anything, see if you can take
some stress off their shoulders. You. Will. Be. Blessed. And what's better...you're blessing them!!!! Become involved in making life happier and more pleasant for others.

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! I pray for you often and hope that you see the hand of the Lord in your life!

Sister Kadee Taylor

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