(Kadee will be speaking on November 23rd in the Washington Fields 10th Ward @ 11:00 a.m.)

Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm dying in Dover!

Miracles abounding! 

So we found a Haitian family a few weeks ago. The wife, Marlene, speaks creole and French..."luckily" our Ward Mission Leader speaks French! They moved from Haiti three months ago. She goes to a Haitian church but wants to know what we believe! Bro. Siebach (WML) taught the lesson, of course. He taught about Joseph Smith, The Apostasy, the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was so strong! And we're coming back this week! 

We also found a couple named Cory and Stephanie. They are super great and really open! We met Cory on the steps outside the apartment complex and he said we could come back that day! *never happens* So we had to go on splits and I went and took a ward member, Heather, with me. It went really well! They are doctrinally pretty spot on. But...Cory has a strong belief that he's been baptized by water and by the Holy Ghost, "...And that was the best gift God ever gave him!"...so we're praying to not have any road blocks there...

Brothers and Sisters, do realize that we live in a time where Apostles and Prophets post on FACEBOOK?! That is a miracle in and of itself! Their apostolic messages beam right to our pockets in SECONDS! PEOPLE, ARE YOU UNDERSTANDING THE MAGNITUDE OF THIS?! You have new scripture every time they post something. They're not quoting anyone, or letting you know what's going on in their lives...They're guided by inspiration as to what they should share...and then it beams out to the world! I'm obviously really floored by this, and you should be too. This week Elder D. Todd Christofferson posted, 

"I pray that you will make the theme of the Savior’s life—“I do always those things that please [the Father]”—the theme of your life. If you do, you will save your life. 

Be content in all your striving and achieving to put His will first. Lose your self-will in His perfect will. Learn to want what He wants. Confess and acknowledge Him in every aspect of your life. Do not be ashamed of Christ or His gospel, and be willing to lay down cherished things, cherished relationships, and even life itself for Him. 

But while you live, let your life be an offering. Take up His cross each day in purity, obedience, and service. These are the implications and the fruits of our faith."

Those words really touched my heart. I started crying when I read them, mostly because I read them over Facebook! What a miracle. That's what we're here to do. Learn how to give up our will. And as President Uchtdorf pointed out this weekend at the Women's Broadcast, our Heavenly Father knows more than we do...So I'm trying, day by day, to give up my will and realize His. Trying to want what He wants. Something tells me this will be a lifelong endeavor, but I'm willing to work for it. 

I'm not even done with the miracles! 

So bare with me...I need to back up a bit for this one. Back in June...we were planning a Ward Cultural Night. We went to Staples to print off some fliers. The chick at the counter looked at us and said, "Hey, I'm Mormon! My name is Ashley." We were stunned of course. We tried to get her number but it didn't work. Then in July we were  back for Victoria's baptismal programs! We got her facebook but couldn't find her because she was super blocked (dang stalkers). Then again, we were there in August for Qiu Liang's baptismal programs! This time we got a number and that evening we saw her while we were at Olive Garden with Victoria! That number didn't work....I promise she didn't do it on purpose! Finally, at the end of August the Smyrna Elders ran into her and they got her number for us! Success. We texted her and she asked for a Book of Mormon. We were supposed to meet up with her but she bailed on us. Then, like a veil, my mind was erased of her. It wasn't like I kept thinking of her and then brushing it off, she literally never entered my mind. Then, a week and a half ago...BOOM! It hit me like a ton of bricks! 

So, we text her and she INVITES US OVER FOR DINNER THIS WEEK! Oh yeah! We were stoked! But as usual, I was having little faith. She was just "too excited"....I was wrong. Again. We show up, and she lets us in! We talked all through dinner just getting to know her, and I was a little worried because it was all a bunch of nothingness. I mean, it was great but nothing gospel related. So finally we ask if we can share a message before we go. We had prepared to talk about Moroni 10:32 and our purpose in helping others to come unto Christ. We then watched the Come Unto Christ video. Halfway through I just started praying that she would feel His love. I look up, and she crying. The video gets over,and she's still crying. We wait for a moment and just let  her ponder. Then she says, "Ever since I was young I could see spirits, and I know this sounds crazy, but when you walked in I could see angels. Please just know He sends them to watch over you, because I can see them." And then that's all she said about the matter! My heart was so touched. She then went on to tell us everything. How she knows she needs to change her path and that God kept telling her to invite us over. It was like a total 180. She came to church yesterday and is coming to volleyball tonight. WHAT A MIRACLE! Ashley is so amazing. She recognizes what she needs to change and she's willing to do it. I'm so happy!!!! 

We also had a lesson with a lady named Hermana Lupita. She is the mother of a recently baptized family. She has a baptismal date for Nov 9, so keep her in your prayers! 

And we had a lesson with our friend Kenny this week! He's super awesome. He like Ashley, knows what he needs to do to get where he wants to go. It's amazing to work with people who you help to get going in the right direction, and they just completely take off running in the right direction. The Spirit is really strong when you teach a willing heart. 

Victoria's husband Hal came home this week! I FINALLY MET HAL! Man, after 7 months it was quite a relief! Super happy he's home with his family. Which reminds me, Zaria's baptism is on October 19th! (: super exciting! 

This week in church the Primary, Young Women's and Relief Society presidencies ALL got remodeled! It was crazy and awesome at the same time! We are so excited to work with all these new auxiliary leaders! 

Well folks, that's about all I've got for you this week. Please keep the love and prayers coming. I'm so grateful for your love and support. He truly is hastening His work, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it! 


VE,  Hermana Taylor 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dearest Children, God is Near You.

What a wonderful world...

Sister White and I had Golden Re-Training which is a meeting for new missionaries and their trainers. It's always great to be up at the mission office. We are blessed with the most wonderful senior couples in the world. They take such great care of us! And plus the Jones' are from St. George...so that's a nice perk! And not to mention that we stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home and I bought myself some Crunchy Cookie Butter! *nectar from the gods* You'll never eat an apple the same way again.

We also had interviews with President this week! That man is so in tune, and I am so grateful for his inspired guidance and counsel. He helped and encouraged me so much. I definitely know that I was called to serve with President and Sister Anderson. I will love them forever. 

We got to go to one of my favorite places this week..the hospital! I even met an after hours security guard who directed us to the right room. It was magical. 

We had an awesome volunteer opportunity this week at a thrift store called God's Way...needless to say, my custodial days at BYU-I had trained me for that very moment. I could have debuted in my own Pine-sol commercial. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the toilet was cleaned three weeks ago...but those floors...like I said, Pine-Sol central! Not to mention- NO GLOVES! I also killed FOUR spiders in the bathroom. Count-em..1-2-3-4! Those "character  building" experiences- love em! 

This week a sister said, "A mission is learning what to hold on to and what to let go of." Super inspired and exactly what I needed to hear. Right now I'm learning which mountains to climb. It's a very humbling thing,  but as always I'm feeling the sustaining power of the Atonement, and there are no words to describe my gratitude. The power of the priesthood is so real. I know that God lives. He loves us, He cares for us. He watches over us continually. 

I invite each of you to ponder how you can have more meaningful prayers. This act of faith will show your Heavenly Father that you care for and seek after His love inspired correction. 

I love you all! Your prayers are felt and needed! 

VE, Hermana Taylor 

quotes of the week: 

"You can't be prayin' for crazy things Z! If you eat donuts, you're gonna get fat!" - Victoria 

"Hailey, shut that door! Do you want them bugs to come in here and crawl into your bed and eat you at night?!"- Victoria

"Can I be your mom's 5th child??" - Victoria 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pantsing...it's a natural high...

Once again an eventful week! 

There's never a dull moment in the service of the Lord! This week, you get a play-by-play! 

Monday- YSA volleyball was as great as ever. After 7 months in Dover you'd think my volleyball skills were getting pretty intense...but they're not. 

Tuesday- Well, a couple weeks a go we got a headquarters referral for a "golden" investigator who has LDS family members. She'd already ordered a Book of Mormon on her own, she was in Mosiah 3 when we talked to her, and she really wanted to know how her family could be together forever. She'd even been studying Doctrine & Covenants too! Our first lesson went great! We had a member there, she bore powerful testimony, and at the end of the lesson our investigator asked us how she could contribute to Relief Society! She was SOLID! Or so we thought...after that we couldn't get a hold of her. But she was sooooo awesome. So we texted 3 times, and facebook messaged twice...no response. So finally a week and a half later we decided to stop by her house. We knock. They approach the door, begin talking about us, and don't open the door. So, we leave a note and go on our merry way. (That was last Saturday) So on Tuesday...we get a text message saying that, "Her husband almost shot us because we showed up unannounced and the talks are off!" Yikes. 

Wednesday! Sister Cook made me funeral potatoes! Yummmmy! I was so happy. (: It's the little things. 

Thursday- Brother and Sister Kopp took us our for lunch, then they let us plan in their back yard as usual. They spoil us to death. It's super great. Then, they also fed us dinner because we were at their house for so long. <3 These members take WAY good care of us! I'm so grateful for them! And then we went to mission prep and the teacher was so inspired! Brother Hamner is the best! It was just what we needed. 

Friday- you don't want to know. 

Saturday- Sister Wiser pants-ed me... TWICE in 5 minutes! Also...we had the Mission Tour! With Elder and Sister Andersen of the second quorum of the seventy! I learned SO much, of course! I cannot put into this email all that I learned! Structure and pattern equal happiness brothers and sisters! And the earlier we wake up, the happier we will feel! Be engaged! 

This is my testimony- Prayer is powerful, and it is sacred. We are invited, spiritually, into the presence of the Creator. Our Savior bridges the gap of our fallen state to allow this to take place. Be careful about how you ask for blessings in your prayers. Too often we ask the Father to bless others, rather than asking Him for the ability, capacity or insight to bless them ourselves, with His help. I invite you to pray for the later. When we pray, our desires need to be consistent with Christ's will, if it is any other way it is not a prayer of faith. We cannot be asking for things because of motives contrary to the will of God. We must pray that we may be able to conform our desires and motives with those of Christ. Now, there is no prayer of faith without works. So work to accomplish the answers to your prayers, and you'll have His help every step of the way. He will enable you to carry out His will. 


Sister Kadee Elise Taylor

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Steadfast in Christ, not simply enduring!

Crazy times in the PPM. 

Amish food rocks my world. 
Pretzels. Donuts. Chocolate. Lemonade. Pretzel logs. Pretzel covered cheesy sausages. 
You get the point... (: But you don't, until you've experienced it. 

Monday night YSA volleyball rocks my world. 
When they let the Sister Missionaries be team captains, my team always dominates. Just saying. I swear, I've never been competitive, but YSA volleyball just brings out my inner competitive side. 

I feel like an old mom haha. Luckily she's pre-trained, and went out with the sisters for months when she was home (: She's also hilarious. I feel like a dead beat next to her...and that's saying something ;) 

We have interviews this transfer, and I am so excited! President has had us write up our own "personal purpose" - what we want to accomplish on our missions and in life, really. There were a lot of details he wanted, and at first I as nervous about how I would put everything down into words. But as I began writing, it was surprisingly easy for me to put it all into words. I will share it with you sometime. In short, I want to be like my Savior, and I feel that if that is what I am striving for, everything else that is a priority will fall into place. When I'm focused on becoming more like Him, my Heavenly Father will help me to take care of the rest. The Savior is the focus of the gospel, and He should be the focus of our lives. So that's my new motto! Steadfast in Christ, not simply enduring! I wise missionary I know helped me to see the difference. Life is about more than just enduring, it's about enjoying. And if you're having trouble seeing that, start one day at a time. Look for a blessing, a tender mercy, a simple joy in every day. They are there, I promise you that. You have a loving Heavenly Father who waits eagerly to answer your prayers. But you have to do your part. 

I've been studying faith a lot. How to obtain greater faith, how to strengthen my faith etc...One might say that to obtain faith we must be obedient, but I felt that it was so much more than that- and it is. In a quote I found by Elder Holland he says, “Preparatory faith is formed by experiences in the past—by the known, which provides a basis for belief. But redemptive faith must often be exercised toward experiences in the future—the unknown, which provides an opportunity for the miraculous. Exacting faith, mountain-moving faith, faith like that of the brother of Jared, precedes the miracle and the knowledge. He had to believe before God spoke. He had to act before the ability to complete that action was apparent. He had to commit to the complete experience in advance of even the first segment of its realization. Faith is to agree unconditionally—and in advance—to whatever conditions God may require in both the near and distant future” 

That is what I am striving for, exacting faith! Brothers and Sisters, I know that when we make Christ the center of our lives, we will have greater perspective about what is important and what is not. We live in a busy world that tells us that being busy is being successful, happy and even righteous. I pray that we fill our days with things that further the work of the Lord. In all that we do we should be His servants. Our motives should always be to bring ourselves or others closer to Christ. 

LOVE always, 

Sister Kadee Elise Taylor