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Monday, September 15, 2014

Pantsing...it's a natural high...

Once again an eventful week! 

There's never a dull moment in the service of the Lord! This week, you get a play-by-play! 

Monday- YSA volleyball was as great as ever. After 7 months in Dover you'd think my volleyball skills were getting pretty intense...but they're not. 

Tuesday- Well, a couple weeks a go we got a headquarters referral for a "golden" investigator who has LDS family members. She'd already ordered a Book of Mormon on her own, she was in Mosiah 3 when we talked to her, and she really wanted to know how her family could be together forever. She'd even been studying Doctrine & Covenants too! Our first lesson went great! We had a member there, she bore powerful testimony, and at the end of the lesson our investigator asked us how she could contribute to Relief Society! She was SOLID! Or so we thought...after that we couldn't get a hold of her. But she was sooooo awesome. So we texted 3 times, and facebook messaged twice...no response. So finally a week and a half later we decided to stop by her house. We knock. They approach the door, begin talking about us, and don't open the door. So, we leave a note and go on our merry way. (That was last Saturday) So on Tuesday...we get a text message saying that, "Her husband almost shot us because we showed up unannounced and the talks are off!" Yikes. 

Wednesday! Sister Cook made me funeral potatoes! Yummmmy! I was so happy. (: It's the little things. 

Thursday- Brother and Sister Kopp took us our for lunch, then they let us plan in their back yard as usual. They spoil us to death. It's super great. Then, they also fed us dinner because we were at their house for so long. <3 These members take WAY good care of us! I'm so grateful for them! And then we went to mission prep and the teacher was so inspired! Brother Hamner is the best! It was just what we needed. 

Friday- you don't want to know. 

Saturday- Sister Wiser pants-ed me... TWICE in 5 minutes! Also...we had the Mission Tour! With Elder and Sister Andersen of the second quorum of the seventy! I learned SO much, of course! I cannot put into this email all that I learned! Structure and pattern equal happiness brothers and sisters! And the earlier we wake up, the happier we will feel! Be engaged! 

This is my testimony- Prayer is powerful, and it is sacred. We are invited, spiritually, into the presence of the Creator. Our Savior bridges the gap of our fallen state to allow this to take place. Be careful about how you ask for blessings in your prayers. Too often we ask the Father to bless others, rather than asking Him for the ability, capacity or insight to bless them ourselves, with His help. I invite you to pray for the later. When we pray, our desires need to be consistent with Christ's will, if it is any other way it is not a prayer of faith. We cannot be asking for things because of motives contrary to the will of God. We must pray that we may be able to conform our desires and motives with those of Christ. Now, there is no prayer of faith without works. So work to accomplish the answers to your prayers, and you'll have His help every step of the way. He will enable you to carry out His will. 


Sister Kadee Elise Taylor

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