(Kadee will be speaking on November 23rd in the Washington Fields 10th Ward @ 11:00 a.m.)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! *Gobble Gobble*

  • I am grateful for my family- they mean more to me than I can even put into words.  
  • I am grateful to be in the PPM- it's the best mission in the world. hands down.
  • I am grateful for my apartment- I have a place to lay my head at night.
  • I am grateful that I have a companion- I can't imagine doing this alone.
  • I am grateful for worthy Priesthood holders- they have blessed my life immensely as they worthily exercise the priesthood they hold.
  • I am grateful for temples- in them we learn of God's plan for us and our happiness and of our role as endowed members of His Church.
  • I am grateful for my Mission President and his dear wife- they help me to feel at home here.
  • I am grateful for for the people I meet every day- I learn so much from their stories.
  • I am grateful for the Book of Mormon- its words give me peace and comfort every day.
  • I am grateful for our car- it's flippin freezing here.
  • I am grateful for my mission- I'll probably never leave.
  • I am grateful for technology- I get to talk to you every week.
  • I am grateful for Joseph Smith- without his trust in God, I would not be here today.
  • I am grateful for church callings- they've helped me to grow so much.
  • I am grateful for journals- We are living a history that has not yet been written. WRITE IN YOUR JOURNAL!
  • I am grateful for my experiences- I learn and grow and become a different person every day because of them. I am who I am because of them, and I love who I am, but more importantly who I can  become.
  • I am grateful for the Holy Ghost- without him we can do nothing. If  you don't have him with you always, change anything to make that possible.
  • I am grateful for my friends- They are angels without wings.
  • I am grateful for BYU-Idaho- I learned so much from my experiences there and the people I met there.
  • I am grateful for weather- We can see God's love for us in the beauty of the earth.
  • I am grateful for facebook- I can share the gospel with people hundreds of miles away from me.
  • I am grateful that I am trusted enough to be here- God could do this work without me, but He loves me enough to let me be a part of it and experience the blessings that come from sharing the gospel.
  • I am grateful for Preach My Gospel- I have learned not only how to be a better missionary, but how to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ after my mission.
  • I am grateful for auxiliaries of the Church- their leaders do so much to help us achieve spiritual growth.
  • I am grateful for the example of my Savior- by Him and through Him I can do all things.
The list goes on. Brothers and sisters we have SO much to be grateful for. We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I promise you that you need nothing else. If you had nothing  but the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you would prosper. I know that if we read the Book of Mormon every day, we will never fall away. The peace that comes from reading that book is immeasurable. There is power in that book, I promise you that.  We call down the powers of heaven when we read from that book.
I know this Gospel is true, and I know that with every ounce of my being. I know that if we live The Gospel we will be blessed beyond measure.
Sister Kadee Elise Taylor

Big K!

this is what we look like when we've been mapping our area for 3 hours.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mexican Food

First of all, I love you.
Second of all, there's something you need to understand. The closest thing to Mexican food I've had since I landed in Philly is Moe's, and It's worse than CostaVida....ew. So you'll be happy to know that in Delaware, there are a multitude of "hole in the wall" taco shops and one lone "taco bus". This pleases me. I was overjoyed to eat mexican food this week for the first time in months, and realized how much I love southwestern food. It was like coming home. Not only were my tortilla chips shapped like Delaware, they tasted like actual tortilla chips. Obviously this has been a hightlight for me because I have now taken up my entire first paragraph just talking about mexican food. Moving on...to chocolate cake. It was Sister Ririe's birthday on Saturday, and I never thought i'd say this, but I don't think I'll be wanting chocolate cake for a while. We literally had two GIANT chocolate cakes from two different members. They're amazing. And now I've sworn off chocolate ;) okay, let's be real, no I haven't.

Delaware is kickin' my butt, that's for sure. I have no idea how to find people here, it's awesome. It's going to be an interesting week! Keep up the prayers please!! Also, it's freezing here now. The other day it was 30 degrees! But then yesterday it was 70...so I don't really understand.
Let me tell you about Pedro (No, this story does not have anything to do with Mexican food).  You'd better laugh because this is the most awkward thing that's happened to me since I've been here, almost. So, the other day we just went on a "former investigator" spree and started hunting all of them down. We came to a man named Pedro whose teaching record didn't quite make sense. But we plugged his address into the GPS and off we went! 

We pulled up to the house and  a black, low riding sports car with flashy rims and a fin on the back was in the driveway. Obviously Pedro lived here. I was a bit apprehensive and I wasn't sure why, but we walked up to the door and knocked. The next thing I knew, a 6'3", 260 pound white man opened the door and exclaimed, "SISTERS! Come in!"...I had never seen this man in my life or ever met such an enthusiastic former investigator...we were dazed and confused to say the least. The next thing I did was introduce myself, hoping he would do the same. Apparently this was the Kline home. I had no idea how or by what means we had gotten there. But I learned a valuable lesson- God's hand is in all that we do. He will direct us in all our paths. We had a wonderful visit with a less-active family and grew to love them so much. And just so you're not still confused, Pedro was a former investigator that was taught in the Kline's home. The Elders that taught him failed to put this on the teaching record. :D
I love you all! Please do not waste a single moment of this life. It is given to us to learn from and to perfect ourselves. 2 Nephi 9:27 tells us that we should not waste ONE day of our probation! NOW is the time to prepare to meet God. We need to do all within our power to be prepared. Go to church, read the word of God daily, attend the temple as often as possible! Magnify your calling. Do you visiting and home teaching.These are all wonderful gifts from a loving Heavenly Father to prepare us to meet Him. Become a little more like Christ every day. He is our perfect example Be grateful for all that you have! You are so extremely blessed brothers and sisters. Take advantage of every day that God gives you. Know that you could never be so far off the path that the all encompassing Atonement of Jesus the Christ cannot reach you. It is infinite. It is for  you. Use it.
Sister Kadee Taylor

Monday, November 11, 2013

Delaware, people actually live here

I love you so! 

I want you to know that Delaware is hard, but my success as a missionary depends on my commitment. I am learning to internalize that more and more every day. I love the Lord and that's why I'm here. I need to rely on Him every step of the way. "Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory."-Neil A. Maxwell. I'm convinced that somehow it would be easier to give up all my possessions, everything that I own, and move across the country for my faith. But instead I'm asked to give all my heart, might, mind and strength- all that I am, and all that I can be. That's much harder for me, and that's why we're asked to do it. It's not something tangible that we can hand over as a sacrifice. It's something we must do and be every single day. It's immeasurable, and that's hard for me. But, because our Heavenly Father loves us so much, we have the opportunity to practice until perfect, and repeat until refined. He gives us every day to start over, and for that I am grateful. 

P.S.- I just found out that I live 20 minutes away from Joe Biden. Awesome...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Newark, Delaware folks! It's a real place!

Ma Familia! 

I want to start off by telling you that Sister Ririe is amazing. She has such a desire to work hard, she is obedient, and full of love. I am so grateful to be with her. I know that we will learn so much from each other.

This area is very different from my last area. I've learned that just when you think you've got missionary work "figured out"...you'll get transferred! For that I am grateful. The Lord can't work with someone who doesn't need to rely on Him every step of the way. This is going to be a huge adjustment for me, but I continue to pray for courage and a sense of direction. I am learning to be so grateful for my trials. Which is hard to say while you're in them, but I appreciate them because I can see how much I will learn and grow from them. I look forward with faith with the knowledge that I can become more like my Savior every single day. I love Him so much, and I am so grateful for His perfect example to me. 

This is the Rios family. Miguel and Maritza are investigating right now. We've been blessed enough to have an amazing relationship with them! They are an amazing family. 

Sister Kadee Taylor