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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Steadfast in Christ, not simply enduring!

Crazy times in the PPM. 

Amish food rocks my world. 
Pretzels. Donuts. Chocolate. Lemonade. Pretzel logs. Pretzel covered cheesy sausages. 
You get the point... (: But you don't, until you've experienced it. 

Monday night YSA volleyball rocks my world. 
When they let the Sister Missionaries be team captains, my team always dominates. Just saying. I swear, I've never been competitive, but YSA volleyball just brings out my inner competitive side. 

I feel like an old mom haha. Luckily she's pre-trained, and went out with the sisters for months when she was home (: She's also hilarious. I feel like a dead beat next to her...and that's saying something ;) 

We have interviews this transfer, and I am so excited! President has had us write up our own "personal purpose" - what we want to accomplish on our missions and in life, really. There were a lot of details he wanted, and at first I as nervous about how I would put everything down into words. But as I began writing, it was surprisingly easy for me to put it all into words. I will share it with you sometime. In short, I want to be like my Savior, and I feel that if that is what I am striving for, everything else that is a priority will fall into place. When I'm focused on becoming more like Him, my Heavenly Father will help me to take care of the rest. The Savior is the focus of the gospel, and He should be the focus of our lives. So that's my new motto! Steadfast in Christ, not simply enduring! I wise missionary I know helped me to see the difference. Life is about more than just enduring, it's about enjoying. And if you're having trouble seeing that, start one day at a time. Look for a blessing, a tender mercy, a simple joy in every day. They are there, I promise you that. You have a loving Heavenly Father who waits eagerly to answer your prayers. But you have to do your part. 

I've been studying faith a lot. How to obtain greater faith, how to strengthen my faith etc...One might say that to obtain faith we must be obedient, but I felt that it was so much more than that- and it is. In a quote I found by Elder Holland he says, “Preparatory faith is formed by experiences in the past—by the known, which provides a basis for belief. But redemptive faith must often be exercised toward experiences in the future—the unknown, which provides an opportunity for the miraculous. Exacting faith, mountain-moving faith, faith like that of the brother of Jared, precedes the miracle and the knowledge. He had to believe before God spoke. He had to act before the ability to complete that action was apparent. He had to commit to the complete experience in advance of even the first segment of its realization. Faith is to agree unconditionally—and in advance—to whatever conditions God may require in both the near and distant future” 

That is what I am striving for, exacting faith! Brothers and Sisters, I know that when we make Christ the center of our lives, we will have greater perspective about what is important and what is not. We live in a busy world that tells us that being busy is being successful, happy and even righteous. I pray that we fill our days with things that further the work of the Lord. In all that we do we should be His servants. Our motives should always be to bring ourselves or others closer to Christ. 

LOVE always, 

Sister Kadee Elise Taylor 

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