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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Gospel shall roll forth until it has filled the whole earth! - D&C 65:1-2

One day when I type an email I'll know where to start. 
It's just that as much happens in one missionary day than in one non-missionary week...

First and foremost, Yang QiuLiang (yong-chew-lee-ong)  was baptized.

I cannot explain to you how incredibly prepared QiuLiang was! When we started teaching her an JingTing we were...not doubtful, but unsure. After trying to plan their first lesson for over 30 minutes, we knelt down and prayed. We knew that our role here was to do everything in our power. If it was our Father's will that they be baptized, that's exactly what would happen. BUT, we had to do everything we could. So we planned by the Spirit, and taught SO simply. I'll be honest, at first I completely thought of the girls as a package deal. They'd either both be baptized or neither of them would. Well, obviously I was wrong, but I learned so much in the process.

As we continued teaching, it was clear how prepared and receptive QiuLiang was. She was so willing to keep commitments, to pray, to do anything to come to know if God was real and if He knew her. She so easily felt and recognized the influence of the Holy Ghost, it was incredible. When we taught her that baptism was just the beginning, the gate to eternal life- she understood what she needed to do. She is so strong and so bright. Her prayers are the most sincere thing I've ever heard, and her desires are pure. 

When QiuLiang stepped down into the font, I could not restrain my tears. I knew this was such a grand moment in the Kingdom of God. I cannot believe He counted me worthy to be here, in this area at this time. Any other missionary could have been His tool here, but He chose me. I will be eternally grateful. QiuLiang arose from the waters of baptism, she was crying. She felt absolutely free, weightless- it was not a rebirth, but a birth. Her new life as a disciple of Jesus Christ had begun. Yesterday in sacrament meeting she was confirmed a member of the Church by Bishop Harrison. It was a beautiful blessing full of promise and counsel.

I know that as she goes back home to China life as a member of the Church will be different, but I also know that our Heavenly Father has a plan laid out for her. She has the most precious gift in the world now, the Gift of the Holy Ghost. She know she cannot go wrong if she follows His counsel. Saying goodbye to her yesterday was one of the hardest things I've ever done. It's something different than saying goodbye to other friends and members, I do not know when I will see her again. With tears streaming down our cheeks right before we said goodbye, I read her this scripture, "... they separated themselves and departed one from another, trusting in the Lord that they should meet again at the close of their harvest; for they supposed that great was the work which they had undertaken."  (Alma 17:13) QiuLiang said that she "felt power in her mind, warmth in her heart, and responsibility on her shoulders." I love her. 

I know this is the only True and living Church upon the face of the earth. Christ is at the head of it. God lives and is aware of us. The Book of Mormon is a testimony of our Savior. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and we are so blessed to have a prophet on the earth today. Heed their counsel. Study the Book of Mormon, and pray always. 


Sister Kadee Elise Taylor 

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