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Monday, October 28, 2013

Where to Begin!

My Dearest family! 

It was a CRAZY amazing week! Again. For starters, we went to follow up with some of the people that we tracted into last week. A lady's husband was home this time, and let me tell you what - WE got taught the lesson! He was a born again from Nigeria. Let's just say he had his pointer finger 2 inches from my face shouting, "Do you understand that your body is a TEMPLE of the HOLY SPIRIT?!?!" Yes sir, yes I do. It was interesting. He also mentioned something about God sprinkling the blood of Christ over all the world? I'm not quite sure. 

Then, we had the amazing honor of being in a trio for a day! A sister from a neighboring ward was coming home but wasn't getting set apart until the next day, so she spent that day with us! She was a well of knowledge! I learned SO much from her in the short amount of time that we spent with her. 

Then on Friday we had the annual Stroudsburg ward chili cook-off and Trunk-or-treat! You know how much I love dressing up, so this was very hard for me haha. BUT, I just had to do my cat-eye make up for the night. I couldn't resist. and I got a picture with little Isabella Naomi whose Snow White Halloween costume was inspired by yours truly. :D 

On Saturday we had the AMAZING opportunity to go up to Susquehanna for a Mormon Helping Hands service project! Folks, this was a life long dream come true! I got a yellow vest and everything! We practically cleared a forest on a mountain side. Okay, 20 Elders cleared a forest on a mountainside and we carried away the trees haha. We were the only Sisters there! 

Then Bishop and Sister Woolley (who we drove up with) took us to the Aaronic Priesthood restoration site AND the site where 75% of the Book of Mormon was translated!!!!! It was amazing. They are building a giant visitor's center etc...we will HAVE to come back when it is done! 

On Sunday our investigator Sara got baptized! It was an amazing thing to be a part of, the Spirit was so strong. I am so grateful to be a part of this work in bringing others closer to their Savior. She is an amazing girl and has so much potential! The Gospel is SUCH a blessing. Please, never take it for granted. 

I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your support! 

Sister Kadee Taylor 

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