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Monday, July 21, 2014

All you need is love.

Well let's see...

We had to take our car in for an oil change at Pep Boys...no big deal right? Wrong. They worked on it for a total of 50 minutes, yet somehow managed to keep the thing over night! Not to mention during a 24 hour span of torrential down pour (prayers for Rexburg)! 

Ashli and Fiona are AMAZING! They are so full of light! We teach them eternal truths and they recognize them! We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Saturday and invited them to be baptized! They said that they would pray about it and attend Victoria's baptism this weekend! We found out that they go home August 11th, so time is of the essence. They cannot be baptized in China, so we're praying for and expecting a miracle! They also brought their friend Felika to church yesterday and we taught her too! Because it's hard for them to get much from Relief Society, we took them out and had a lesson with them. It was so incredible and the Spirit is always so strong when we teach them.

VICTORIA IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! She's incredible. Such an amazing example and such a strong spirit. I love her to death! 

I've had another epiphany, so bear with me. God's love for us never changes. He loves us independent of anything else in the universe. Every detail of my life is a manifestation of this. Every single person, regardless of their actions, their circumstances or anything else about them, deserves to be shown this love. We are His hands here, especially in this regard. Every living soul needs to be treated with Christ-like love. End of story. These words don't adequately explain what I've learned, but my soul has been enlightened. My heart has been filled with light and joy. I am able to feel of His love and the love of those around me because I've learned this. My Heavenly Father loves me independent of any earthy or eternal circumstance, happenstance, situation or any other reality that pertains to me. He just loves me. I'm so grateful for the people in my life that have shown me this kind of love, they have been a great example to me. 

I love my Heavenly Father so much. I'm so grateful for the details of my life in which He expresses His love. I can't wait to one day return to Him, so that time and space cannot distance us from Him! I'm so inexpressibly grateful for the Gospel in my life. It changes my heart day by day, and for that I am grateful. 

I love you all so much! 

Sister Kadee Elise Taylor

p.s.- I feel old. I can't imagine how that makes my parents feel! ;)

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