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Monday, June 24, 2013

I love the Lord, in Him my soul delights

First and foremost, shout-out to my little sister Savannah! It was her birthday yesterday!!! Whoot WHOOT! :D

Well folks, since the Elders' lease was up, us Sisters got to move into a new apartment and the Elders moved into our old humble abode.   Bless their souls.
New Apartment
252 Learn Rd. Apt #201
Tannersville, PA 18372

Well for P-day last week we went bowling as a district! It was hilarious and fun and awesome. I serve with the BEST Elders and Sisters! They're hilarious, so that's an obvious plus. It was weird being "in the world" and hearing "normal" music....just weird haha.

The Earl family took us out to eat at Ichiban...or however you spell it..and i LOVED it! I think the longer I live the more I love oriental food. And I know I have about 5 oriental food loving friends that are jumping for joy right now. We even had fried ice cream for dessert!  ...Even though that's not oriental at all haha.

I learned many valuable lessons this week, a few in particular which I shall never forget...

Lesson #1: If we are faithful and obedient, we can be tools in the Lord's hands and He can enable us to answer the prayers of others. 

We were having a rough day last week. After traveling many miles into the Poconos to make a visit, and then realizing that the individual was not home, we intended to make the most of the situation by going to visit a less active couple nearby. We called to make sure that they were home and then headed on over. I was really excited because I hadn't met them before, and I knew they had a pet hen and many snakes... :D

When we got there, we visited with Allen out on the porch for a few minutes before his wife Pat came outside to talk with us (They don't like us to call them Brother and Sister ha). After we'd been there for a while, and met ALL of the chickens we left with a word of prayer. Sister Earl offered it and when she closed, Allen said, "Wait, I'm not done. P.S. God- Thank you for sending the sisters here today, to give me an uplifting message and the encouragement that I needed. And to make my day just when I really needed it. Please send them to their next destination safely. Amen."

I have never felt the love of my Savior more. We had unknowingly answered this man's prayer.  And it wasn't until then that we realized that he had asked us at least THREE times, why we came to their house that day, and what made us choose to come to their home. And he asked us at least twice if someone from the ward had sent us over. I love being on the Lord's errand. Good ideas are often fruits of the Spirit. We don't need grand revelation to do the Lord's work, He often makes the idea our own when He knows that He can trust us to accomplish His work.

Lesson #2 - Never postpone a prompting.

We have a potential investigator who lives in very humble circumstances. We have tried to visit her many times, but she often will not open her door to the outside world, for fear of just one more thing going wrong. I had the opportunity to finally meet her later last week! After she explained some of her struggles to us, we offered to go by earlier this week and help her around the house. She knew that we were coming, and we couldn't wait to get back and help her as much as we could. 

Yesterday, we went by her home, and she didn't answer the door. It's okay- we are persistent. We went by three times.  The 3rd time was unique. We're not actually stalkers...we sort of wound up at her house by accidentally taking a wrong turn. We immediately took it as a sign that the 3rd time was the charm, and that she would now open her door to us! As we were knocking on her door, I got the "idea" to knock on her neighbor Tony's door, who we had met briefly a few weeks prior. I ignored the thought and we continued knocking. The thought to go to Tony's had not left my mind.  

After a few minutes, we got back in the car and headed home, seeing as how our time was running short and it was to be our last visit for the night. On our way home we were discussing how odd it was that we both felt the impression to go for the 3rd time, when she didn't even answer the door. Halfway home I said to Sister Earl, "We were supposed to knock on Tony's door. We were supposed to be at that home, at that time...I feel horrible." PLEASE! Never postpone a prompting! When Heavenly Father trusts you enough to tell you to do something, DO IT! (: I shall not soon forget that day.

Lesson #3: We are SO blessed.

I know that this one may seem obvious, but I want you to really ponder it. I have seen and met people in the most humble of circumstances,
who are probably far happier than we often pretend to be. Be of good cheer, the future is as bright as your faith. I promise you that as you seek to recognize all that our Heavenly Father has blessed you with, that your heart will be opened to how truly blessed you really are. Pray, and ask to be helped in recognizing all of your wonderful blessings. You will see them everywhere you look. Take nothing for granted. Look for the good in everything, I promise you it's there.

Brothers and sisters, we know the way back to our Heavenly Father's presence, and we need to share that. There is nothing that should get in the way of our sharing the gospel with those we love. When we share
it with love, it will never come across offensive or judgmental. We are so blessed to know that when we are in the service of our Heavenly Father, we are entitled to His help. Call upon it and it will bless your life and the lives of those around you more than you can possibly imagine.

I love you all!

Sister Kadee Taylor!

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