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Monday, June 9, 2014

Mon petit chou chou: The adventures of Barbie and Miss Mexico.

I am serious. At least 3 times a week, some new person thinks I'm Spanish. It's glorious. Last week at YSA volleyball someone asked Elder De Moors who the "Spanish girl with the red glasses" was. THAT'S ME!  We even went to a Mexican restaurant this week, it looked pretty good and we'd been wanting to try it out. Apparently I've acclimated to all the real Mexican and Guatemalan food I've been eating, because I liked my beans better than theirs. THEN, this guy added me on facebook, and after some investigation I discovered that he was from Mexico, a returned missionary and currently attending BYU. I thought it was odd, but added him thinking that he might have a referral for us. Wrong. He immediately started messaging me in Spanish.Are you flamin' me?!  Don't worry, I have since deleted him.  

On to more important things than my ethnicity,or the lack thereof...

An elderly couple in the neighboring ward hosted a Family History fair this weekend! People from the genealogical society in Philadelphia came! AND a lady from Ancestry.com even came and taught classes! I can't wait to do family history and take names to the temple! I've definitely felt the spirit of Elijah and I've gained a love of Family History on my mission. This week I found three relatives on census records that were not on our tree on familysearch.org!

Yesterday in Sunday School something amazing happened. The teacher asked this question, "Who is the happiest person in the universe?" after a few moments of silence and all of us wondering if it was a trick question he asked again, "Who is the happiest person in the universe?" Then, Foster, recent convert of 6 months said, "Me, I am..." I think we chuckled a little bit before we realized he was serious. He continued, "I have the Gospel in my life, and I know God. Why wouldn't I be the happiest person in the universe?" The room was quiet and we all learned a very valuable lesson. Brothers and Sisters, should we not be the happiest people in the universe? "...if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it and be strong, trusting in happier days ahead." Chin up! The only thing you should rely on for happiness is your Father in Heaven and His perfect plan for you. You have the Gospel, so pray for courage, dust yourself off and carry on! Engage in the work of the Lord by serving others. Always look outward. Light will flow into your life, I promise. 

I know that our Father in Heaven loves each of us. I know that He is infinitely aware of the details of our lives. If we turn to Him in all things, if we look outward in every situation, we will have peace. He has given us the recipe for success. Wake up every morning and read the scriptures, then go out into the world and live them. 

I love you all!

Hermana Taylor 

p.s. - It's that time of year, the fireflies are back! It's truly magical.

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