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Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day in the Capital of the First State! ...'MERICA!

This week was awesome! We had Zone Training, and the whole first half of the week it consumed us! We really wanted to make sure the missionaries in our zone had a spiritual experience that would motivate them to be exactly obedient, and we wanted them to know of their self worth! We did everything we could on our part to ensure an environment for the spirit. And...we think it went really well! The spirit was very strong, and I know that I learned a lot for sure. We were also lucky enough to have President and Sister Anderson and the Assistants with us! 

We also had interviews with President Anderson this week. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for President and Sister Anderson. They do so much to ensure our success and happiness. I am so grateful for their many sacrifices on our behalf. They are so inspired, and meant to be here at this time. 

GUESS WHAT?! This week when the Goldens come in...we'll have 80 SISTERS IN THE MISSION! Yup, you read that right, 80. #sisterpower

We had our first real lesson with Ashley and Fiona this week. It was incredible. We get to teach so simply and I think it's amazing. "God is the Father of our spirits...Jesus Christ is His Son...when we follow His teachings we can return to live with our Heavenly Father...God communicates with us through His spirit...We communicate with God through prayer..." It's amazing to see the spirit touch their hearts when we speak of these simple truths. We shared the Because of Him video and had Ashley in tears! They both prayed in Chinese! It was incredible! I don't know what's going to happen with them, but I know they've felt the spirit and it's absolutely strengthened my testimony of the gospel to teach them. 

You won't believe it...we got to stay out until 10pm on the 4th of July!!! We got to watch fireworks and everything. We watched them from the Kopp's driveway, and had a perfect view of the Capitol building. 

Well folks, I'm off to tour a C-5 at the Dover Air Force Base...

Know that I love my Savior, know that God's plan for us is perfect, and know that if you follow the Spirit, you will never be led astray. The spirit is the single most important element to your personal salvation. I know this to be true.

Seester Taylor

also, I get to stay in Dover for 6 more weeks with Sister Howard! We're gonna keep rockin' this town! 

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