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Monday, July 29, 2013

Disaster Strikes in Stroudsburg

Hello my friends,

This week was rather discouraging. Almost every single investigator that we have has told us that they no longer want to meet with us. We have one really solid investigator who was progressing VERY quickly,

and her husband will not give her permission to be baptized. I think Sister Earl had a harder time with all of this than I did. You have to understand, I don't know the difference. I've never had a baptism. I
am however starting to wonder what it is that I am doing wrong. I know that we are striving to be exactly obedient in all that we do. I think I have found a new sense of determination to get out there and work
hard. We always do our best, but I think we were getting into too much of a routine. This is going to be a hard week.

Once we learned that Mary's husband would not give her permission to be baptized, we pretty much just had a break down. Water works and everything. We call in to the Elders every night to tell them that we
are "in and safe" and our phone call on Saturday night sounded a bit like this, "We...*sob*...are...*sob...in and safe...*sob*..." Poor guys, I wish that I could have seen the look on their faces when they heard the pitiful sound of our crying voices. Much prayers and fasting would be appreciated at this point. Well, we got blessings the next morning and I learned a few very important things:

  1. My Heavenly Father gives me trials because He loves me.
  2. I am grateful for worthy Priesthood holders.
  3. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

We had a mini-missionary with us this week. I have to say, it was rather interesting. It helped Sister Earl and I to see our strength and unity. It also helped us to see where we could improve. Most of all, it helped me to see how much I've learned since I arrived here 12 weeks ago. I can't believe it's been THREE MONTHS! I've learned that I really DO have a clue about what is going on! It was helpful to ask for advice on where to improve as far as the training aspect goes. It was also helpful for me to see how much I have grown since arriving in Philadelphia! I just always need to remember who's name I wear on my chest! My Jesus is SO good!

Sister Kadee Taylor        

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