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Monday, August 5, 2013

And here...we...go!

Hello loved ones!

Sister Earl and I witnessed some serious miracles this week! We were invited to go up to scout camp! 

Never did I think I would be at scout camp, let alone in a skirt!  

The camp was held at a local camp called Camp Minsi (They usually hold Stake Scout Camp at a different location). The staff members were prepared to receive us by those scouts, who so clearly set a good example by living the gospel every single day! We were told by a ward mission leader in Dover, Delaware that they had almost chosen to go to another camp site. In fact, he said that they usually do go to another camp site, but that for some reason this year they decided to hold camp up at Camp Minsi!

As soon as I heard this I knew that it was not by chance. I also know that the young adults who chose to be staff members this summer did not come there  by chance. I know that the hearts and the minds of the staff members were prepared for this week of scout camp. I have never seen anything like it in my life. We were invited to attend their nightly fireside, which our soon-to-be investigators would also be attending. When the fireside was over and the multitude of scouts dissipated, and we began getting to know the staff members. The next thing we knew, one staff member after the other was coming up to us and asking us questions like, "Do you have a branch in Florida? I'll be leaving for school there in a couple of weeks, and I just want to make sure I can get into contact with someone there." and, "Do you have a Book of Mormon I could have? I already love that book! I'm going to read it before I get home, and when I'm done with it I'm going to give it to my grandma so that she can read it!" or, "How do I download that app that your church has with the scriptures and videos on it?"

When we gave them Books of Mormon, they  were so grateful and acted as if we were giving them precious gifts, and we most certainly were!  It's just that most people that we give a Book of Mormon to don't realize the magnitude of that event in their life. We got five contacts that night, only two of which lived in our area. I felt as if I were alive in a Book of Mormon story! I pray that I will not soon forget that night, and that the staff members there won't either.

We found out after leaving that the camp holds a book club every night for the staff, and that night every single one of them was reading the Book of Mormon together for their book club that night! I would call that a miracle, and I am so humbled that I was able to witness it. I hope that the Lord blesses me to be able to see some of the results from that week at scout camp. I am so grateful that those young scouts were living the gospel and being examples of the believers, so that others could see their good works and glorify their Father who is in Heaven.

Members are missionaries too, and it's time that we start acting like it. It is our responsibility to bring others into the fold. That is how the Lord will have His work done in these latter days. I know that you will all be blessed in your efforts to bring others into the gospel. Talk to the missionaries serving in your area and ask them what you can do to help them. They will be blown away that you even asked! Feed them. Give them rides. Go teaching with them. It's not a scary thing, I promise! They'll just ask you to bear your testimony!  You'll fall in love with this work, and you will be so richly blessed.

I love you all and I will talk to you next week!

Sister Kadee Taylor

P.S.- I've been called to train! I pick up my Golden on Wednesday in Philly and I am TERRIFIED! Prayers would be appreciated (:

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