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Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

This week was amazing! 

We met so many people at Dover Days! People are being prepared for us to teach! We're seeing miracles in our area!

AND...We had NINE investigators at church! It's safe to say that we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off! In the best way possible of course. 

Zone Conference is this week! I LOVE meetings. I can thank my momma, Sister Earl, for that. The spirit is always so strong at zone meetings. I leave with a headache literally every time. A good, spiritual headache, of course.

Sister Argueta goes home at the end of this transfer and it's so weird! Missionaries don't go home, their missionaries forever...

I know that we have a choice to make every day, and that choice is faith. I know that faith is a spiritual gift, that cannot be given immediately, but is something we must strive for and work for. It's something we must labor for. We must earn our faith. We will receive no  witness until after a trial of our faith. 

Onward and upward, 
Sister Kadee Elise Taylor

read: Faith- The Choice is Yours (October 2010)

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